Technology Youtube Website's Picture-in-picture Works Again on Ios 14

Youtube Website’s Picture-in-picture Works Again on Ios 14

IOS is among those platforms which let users have all those features which are not there for Android users to stop every time for iOS users there is a different feature available.

One can consider the example picture-in-picture feature on YouTube.

After the launch of iOS 14, there was the introduction of the picture in picture feature on YouTube. But suddenly, it got dropped out, and users were not able to use it.

But now the moment has been changed, and Apple finally comes up with the introduction of the picture in picture mode with iOS 14.

With the help of this feature, a user will be able to minimize the screen and use all the other applications at the same time.

There will be no need for a user to miss onto their favorite tracks, which they are listening to on YouTube at all.

There might be a chance that certain questions may hit you hard about its existence, or some questions may be pinching you about its usage.

In case the scenario is so, then it is a suggestion let’s go through this read till the last and get all your answers clear.

It is a suggestion that does not miss this feature at all because this will go to make your experience smoother than before.

How the News Came Into Existence?

After the disappearance of the picture in picture feature, users were not expecting it to be back. But recently, the users who have recently updated their iPhone to iOS 14 will be able to watch videos in PIP mode.

For the same, they are supposed to use browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and so on.

If they wish to enable pictures in pictures, then they need to play the YouTube video in full-screen mode and then tap on the icon right on the top.

The screen will shrink. A user will be able to exit the browser and use other applications while the video will be going to play in the background.

The music will not be going to stop anymore when they come out of it.

The major reason for concern was that the YouTube premium users were able to use the PIP, but for other users, you have no premium, this feature is not there.

For utilizing this feature, they need to go for a premium.

In case you are an Android user and having the YouTube premium, then also the picture in picture option will be right there for you.

The picture in picture option has a lot to offer for its users. This let them explore the content more, and they can engage in other different tasks as well.

There was a report coming out that the company was looking forward to test the native picture in picture mode for its application on iOS 14.

This was earlier restricted to premium users only. But now the scenario has been changed and Apple comes up with the fact that it is there for all the users having iPads as well.

Users who have a MacBook as well will go to be able to use it.

What a User Needs to Consider?

But it is important for a user to know that the picture in picture feature will be going to work in browsers only. It is not there on the YouTube app itself.

There were so many Macrumors coming out that this feature has not been stopped, but this is the rumor, and it is a suggestion. Do not believe in it at all.

Playing videos in the background is possible with the help of the YouTube application, but for the same, it is important that a YouTube premium subscription is there with the users.

Additionally, after the introduction of the picture in picture mode for the iOS 14 users, everyone is feeling deleted because there is no need for them to miss onto their favorite content at all.

It is quite surprising to note that Google didn’t mention anything when the company comes up with enabling a picture in the YouTube app on IOS for all the users.

If you are an iPhone user, then you might be aware of the feature and looking forward to using it as soon as possible.

It is a suggestion to go for YouTube premium now so that there will be no introduction, and you can enjoy music without any interruption.

Moreover, if you have something else to say or do, you wish to know something more, than do not forget to mention the same in the comment section below.

We will get back to you with the answer so that there will be no problem in any case, and you will be able to enjoy the feature easily.

The cost of YouTube premium is not that much hence you will be able to afford it easily.

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