Worried About Voting in Covid-19 Situation: Know the Things to Be Safe and Secure


Covid-19 situation is still not under control, but lives are going on, and people are engaging in daily activities to maintain their life normally as well.

This year all the Americans planning to go for voting have thought about their safety.

More than 70000 new cases each day are recorded as per the centres for Disease Control and prevention, and Americans are very worried about the same.

They are having the thought that how they will be going to cast the ballots along with protecting themselves.

This pandemic is worse than the 1918 Spanish flu, and there is a lot happening around.

Till date, more than 225,000 people have died from the virus in the US, and still, there is no back step taken by it.

Everyone is looking forward to taking the precautions so that they will be able to feel safe.

Government is taking precautions all around, but still, there is no improvement just because a vaccine is not there.

We are all aware of the fact that the days for the Presidential Election are coming and it is important for us to be attentive about it, Cyrus mentioned it.

He also mentioned that it is important to recognize how we will be going to engage in activities of voting without compromising with our safety.

He also mentions that by taking all the precautions, we will be able to cast voting safety.

Many of the states have gone through a lot this year, and now they are looking forward to taking the measures which let them have safe and more accessible voting.

These days mail-in voting, absentee voting and early voting are in consideration as compare to years passed.

Now states are largely relying on people to come on Election Day and experts are looking forward to taking the measures to minimize the risk of it.

Here we will be going to discuss all the things which you can consider to stay safe while engaged in voting.

Go for a Mail-in or All Absentee Ballot:

The procedure of voting has been changed to this year, but there is a terminology used as Absentee or mail-in voting.

Absentee voting is the type of voting system in which people in a state come to vote, but they are not able to come in person as each of the states will normally be going for absentee voting, but rules are different to participate in it.

On the other side, the mail-in voting is the procedure in which there will be certain policies settled up in a place by the state so that all the citizens will be able to vote through the mail-in ballots which are automatically sent to all the voters.

Because of the covid-19 situation, all the states have changed a lot of things, and according to NPR majorly ten states are there having the policy in which they are referring the mail-in ballots, and to all the registered voters the ballots will be sent.

But from another 35 states, there is no particular report about mail invalid request and 14 of which automatically send the valid application to voting residents.

The remaining five states are looking forward to excusing for a while.

There is a lot going on, and states are focusing on the same through which they will be able to maintain the surrounding a person will be able to vote safely.

By keeping the same into consideration, there are certain measures which have been taken by the state. Let’s have a look at them.

Stay Safe at the Polls on Election Day:

There is no doubt in the fact that if mail-in ballots have been approved, then it will be going to reduce the accumulation of people on the voting site.

But in case you are not going for it then you need to be safe at the polls on Election Day as well.

It is important for a person to be sure that they are taking all the preventive measures.

Cyrus also mentioned that they are looking forward to taking all the accessible and secure mail-in ballots, but at the voting sides, a person is not safe.

It is not rocket science about safety at the polling. But it is important to stop, he also mentioned that voting in person to the covid-19 would be going to reduce the risk, but it is important that a human is aware that they are maintaining social distancing and also taking all the precautions.

Most of the states come up with voting through the drive-thru for senior citizens and disable. Moreover, a poll worker will be going to have all the relevant material along with ballot paper and voter card as well.

The Supreme Court overturned to the Lower court and let curbside voting in Alabama and for other people working around.

Precautions Suggested Are as Follows at the Polling Site:-

  • It is important for a person to wash hands before and after entering the location.
  • Do not take your mask off.
  • Continue social distancing up to 6 feet minimum.
  • Always cover the mouth with tissue or inside of the elbow whenever you cough or sneeze.
  • Use the alcohol-based sanitizer it must be at least 60% alcohol so that you will not be able to get in touch with it at all.

At the polling site people usually spend a few minutes of voting but the duration they need to stand is up to 15 to 20 minutes, and for these 15 to 20 minutes it is important for them to be conscious.

Vote early and in-person:

The absentee voting procedure is adapted by most of the states and US territories but it is important for a person to be sure about the timings as well.

It is a situation, go for early voting and keep yourself away from it. Early voting begins as early as 45 days before the election and It Ends on the Election Day or the day before.

Therefore you need to be sure about it and if you want you can engage in the same as well.

3-4 states and other District of Columbia have allowed early voting on the weekends as well.

It is not important that you will be going to take in a protection from covid-19 as mail-in a ballot but still it will come out to be a safer experience for you.

Other Potential Issues at the Polls:

Certain other potential issues at the polls may also arise it is important for a person to be sure about the same as well.

It is important that you are not letting anyone to touch you are you are not engage in any kind of engagement with others.

Moreover there is a lot in everyone’s mind when it comes to polling an individual needs to be sure about a lot of things.

Gender transition problems are also going on and it is important that you are carrying all the legal identity proof with you.

Legally if your gender identity will not going to match then you will not be able to perform voting.

Moreover make sure about all the precautions you can take so that this experience will not turn out to be a Nightmare for you.

These are the basic precautions a person needs to consider whenever they are going for voting in this covid-19 situation. Take all the precautions and then move ahead.



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