Entertainment Wiziwig: 17 Wiziwig Alternatives & Similar Websites

Wiziwig: 17 Wiziwig Alternatives & Similar Websites

Wiziwig Alternatives – Most people enjoy watching sports like football or cricket, but most of them don’t want to stick to TV for updates, entertainment, and live broadcasting.

They all want to get the ability to watch matches at their own will. The solution to this issue is sports streaming websites.

These websites give their users multiple sporting stuff and the best thing you can do is to watch sporting stuff at any place at any time.

One such platform is WiziWig. It is recognized as the platform for sports streaming sports and providing a wide range of sports content.

This platform covers all the relevant news, alerts, transmissions, and information on sports

Wiziwig was undeniably one of the best sports websites.

WiziWig became known as a sports streaming platform because of its high-quality service and frequent updates on the web.

You will get all the relevant updates on your favorite sports via wiziwig. Wiziwig is really well placed on the list of the biggest and brightest free sports streaming websites.

The most significant aspect here is that Wiziwig. Wiziwig used to be an outstanding alternative for streaming sports. But sadly, it is no more.

This is why people are searching for an alternative that gives you the same items at a reduced cost or fee.

This post reveals 17 wiziwig alternatives that provide a favorite sports stream without costing anything you can enjoy your favorite sport.

Here is a list of the top 17 Free Sports Streaming Alternative WiziWig sites that are accessible and deliver the same WiziWig support.

Wiziwig: 17 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites

After the discontinuation of Wiziwig, Every sports Lover wants to know about what are the other alternatives they can use to watch live sports streaming.

So here we are to help you out.

We have listed these 17 best Wiziwig alternatives which are similar or even better than wiziwig. You can pick your perfect sports streaming website by following the list.

1. CricFree

As the name of the website suggests, this website is centered on cricket. If you’re a cricket fan then this is one of the best alternatives for you.

The network is immensely popular and accessible.

Besides cricket, you will definitely appreciate other popular sports streams with 12 categories such as football, basketball, soccer, boxing, rugby, golf, baseball, and many more.

This site is very useful for fans of sports like you.

The UI is very basic and user-friendly. You can navigate through other athletic events easily.

Cricfree also gives you the best side of the site that is a chat box to interact with numerous other CricFree individuals You can stream popular TV channels on this website.

This platform has a very user-friendly interface that makes it very user-friendly, but you can also view past videos from a live tv. Cricfree does not require registration or personal information-this is a good option for all sports enthusiasts.

2. 12th Player

If you are a soccer fan, the 12th Player might be your favorite platform because it will include all live streams, news, and information primarily on football.

Both major leagues and live streaming can be viewed at no cost but you are going to get free of ads on this site.

12th Players include a few more sports, such as Hockey, basketball, Cricket, and Rugby with live news and feeds.

But, to highlight the statement we made earlier, it is well known for football. You will find all the new Football updates from here. You will get live support and daily updates.

If you can tolerate them, then it is the perfect site for you. The website has a clean and easy interface, making it also a user-friendly website.

12thplayer is an outstanding outlet of soccer live matches, events, and competitions all over the globe.

You can subscribe free of charge. You’ll never miss a game, and the simple navigation of the web helps you to enjoy streaming matches.

It’s an easy platform for a non-tech professional to navigate easily. From here you can get all the latest football updates on this platform. The perfect site for football fans.

3. VIP Leagues

VIP Leagues is one of the best platforms which provides all updates and live streams for all matches. All you need is a decent internet connection.

This is a fantastic sports entertainment portal on the sports page where users can get all the latest sports information and live streams of all the games on this platform.

This website is not confined to just football or rugby alone.

Once you log in to the VIP Leagues, simply browse through the huge list on this channel and enjoy any live matches or get the game updates.

The streaming website has a lovely and user-friendly interface as the contents are orderly arranged.

In addition, the web is refreshed periodically with fresh content. It also encourages users to talk with other viewers as they play their favorite sports.

The downside to this website is that French is the default language. Not just baseball, or football you can catch the live stream of many different sports.

4. LiveTV

LiveTV is another free website for sports streaming that offers free watching of ongoing games and tournaments all over the world.

The UI is simple and collaborative. You just have to open an account to have access to the whole material on the LiveTV website.

With LiveTV, you can also watch various kinds of games. The UI is very easy and user-friendly. All the contents are free to use.

There may be some ads on this website. At first glance, the architecture and interface of this service will seem unorganized, but as you use it, it will certainly build on you.

The top of the homepage has sub-categories to improve your viewing experience. Moreover, the fact that you will use the site for free is where it stands out.

You do not have to pay subscription charges to watch your favorite sport anywhere in the world.

If you are searching for a free, almost Wiziwig-like web-based sports platform, then try LiveTV.

5. SportStream

SportStream is an online platform that provides sports and matches live streaming. It also includes the list of networks with upcoming streaming matches.

It screens tournaments from all around the world, including basketball, badminton, baseball, and more.

SportStream is one of the easiest places to watch your favorite sports when you’re on tour, and it’s the easiest way to have fun over time.

It has all its menu in a particular genre to make it convenient for the user to use. It shows the whole chart of channels and future matches and their timetable.

Each genre is classified so that users can seamlessly browse the web.

Online live streaming services are increasingly understandable. Yet some of them are still growing stronger considering the intense rivalry.

SportsStream is one of the best and most popular live sports streaming sites.

SportStream is a marvelous source of content that helps you to watch live sports and also a perfect alternative to Wiziwig.

6. Stream2watch

Stream2watch is a platform that directly streams sports to your device online.

It is a free online real-time streaming platform, where all of your favorite sports can be watched in one place.

This website provides sports such as cricket, soccer, tennis, badminton, boxing, football, motorsport, NHL, hockey, golf, and many more.

To watch the online stream on this site you just need to register with a valid email address.

You will find a search box on the home page which allows you to search for live streaming sports.The best thing about stream2watch is that it offers its customers with the best content.

It specializes in bringing decent content to its users. You just have to pick your favorite sport and enjoy streaming online.

This website covers sports such as cricket, football, tennis, badminton, baseball, motorsports, NHL, hockey, golf, and so on.

Stream2watch is best for those who want to see sports channels of all kinds in one place rather than browsing a lot of websites.

7. Sport365

Sports365 is one of the best free live streaming platforms that allow you to watch your favorite sports channel anywhere in the world.

You’ll get the news and updates of different kinds of tournaments and leagues besides the live stream.

Some ads are displayed while on the homepage the live stream quality is incredible so that you can chat with other users while watching Lives.

You don’t need to login and register so you can only watch Livestream and enjoy different sports.

Take advantage of all its features and watch your favorite sports anytime and anywhere in the world.

This platform is specifically for a football match, although other sports can also be viewed.

Sport365 provides access to live matches from other sports such as hockey, cricketing, tennis, and basketball, in addition to football.

It encourages the user to perform more than one sport. It has all the requisite features as a website for sports streaming.

Its easy-to-use UI draws a lot of people. Sport365 is quite a popular website for its streaming facilities.

In addition to offering video streaming, it helps you to gather all the latest statistics and news on different soccer games and leagues.

8. BatManStream

BatManStream is another platform that allows you to watch live streams in any category.

You have everything in one place regardless of whether it be football, soccer, baseball, NFL, racing, or some other sport.

This platform is for you if you want to be updated on various sports and live streams.

The Batman stream interface is amazing, you’ll definitely love it, you’ll see in the navigation bar all sport classes such as football, cricket, basketball, etc.

To experience live online broadcasting without any issues from this website, you must register for an account.

The best thing about the batman stream is you can still change local time by picking your time zone on the homepage.

All you have to do is build your account, open your favorite sports, and enjoy high quality your favorite sports.

It also has a live chat feature to help you chat with other users. BatManStream helps users to stream live matches in different categories.

The ease of use distinguishes BatManStream from the crowd. And if you’re not technologically advanced, you should be able to quickly navigate the way through this site.

It has a large collection of various sports defined in various categories. It helps its users to view the video in crisp and high-definition quality.

The fact that matches can be seen in full HD is also an added bonus of this site.

9. SportP2P

SportP2P is one of the best sites for live streaming sports matches. You can also see the match highlights and live scores on this website’s homepage.

You’ll get quality content at no cost.

It offers a wide variety of sports, such as soccer, baseball, boxing, and much more, and you’ll also get a chat feature to help you communicate with various people around the globe.

You can find a navigation bar on the Sportp2p homepage via the navigation bar, which can navigate things such as live scores, highlights, etc.

It not only offers exciting streaming experience, but also regular updates. Content is neatly organized and categorized.

At the top of the home page is a navigation bar with many sporting categories, including football, baseball, golf, motoring, rugby, and ice hockey.

At the center of the page, you will find all the events broadcast live this day and you will see all the events that will be held in the next few days as you go through them.

But this platform is not accessible from every country. To view online streaming on this, you have to use Vpn.

10. Atdhe

Atdhe is one of the best websites which offers to stream your favorite online sports. You can watch all games without advertising and subscription charges.

It includes almost all sports, such as MotoGP, Volleyball and so on.

If you are looking for a simple website, that is user friendly, it will be your best choice. This website is minimalist and easy to stream.

If you first visit Atdhe, it must be difficult for you to believe, but this website is very easy to stream and easy to use.

The site is well organized and you can access this site free of charge and the great thing is that it does not feature any ads.

Usually, it provides you with a link to websites for third parties for live streaming.

The Navigation Bar offers several sports categories, including football, tennis, baseball, hockey, GP, poker, volleyball, basketball, and rugby.

The homepage lists all the sports activities you will broadcast live on the day. The service is available only in some region.

However, by using a VPN service, you can solve this problem.You can now view any of the latest games on this website from anywhere.

Furthermore, you do not need to register on the website to enjoy a live stream.

11. WiziWig New

Wiziwig may be gone, but the developers were good enough to dedicate their time and resources to create its replacement, a more modern and Better Alternatives to WiziWig.

If you liked Wiziwig and were searching for something that looks fantastic, your quest might end.

The latest website looks and sounds much like the original website of Wiziwig. You can pick this new wiziwig if you want anything really close to wiziwig.

It contains almost the same content as Wiziwig. It broadcasts live games and competitions from all around the world, including rugby, basketball, tennis, and cricket.

All of this is available free of charge in good quality.

You can watch live matches belonging to different sports such as basketball, cricket, tennis, and many more in high quality around the world like the original website.

It’s a very simple user interface to use all its functions. This is a free tool that helps you to watch the shows live worldwide.

The platform almost looks the same as Wiziwig, but if you are okay with advertising, you can go with a new wiziwig.

You will find live shows around the world. This is a great alternative to WiziWig, but it is considered much better most of the time.

It doesn’t even share a lot of variance with other top live streaming sites.

12. NewSoccer

As the name of the website suggests, this website is primarily made for football fans, but if you want to see other leagues and competitions, then you can see them too.

In addition to streaming, this website will also provide live updates and statistics.

The site also offers users information on tickets available for various tournaments, competitions, teams, and players.

You will also find information for athletes and clubs. You can view all soccer live streams free of charge, but you may still view one or two commercials.

This website’s membership is complimentary.

You don’t have to register for live streams. Although this website is not available from every region, VPN can be used to see live sports.

Accessibility is the one thing that needs to change on this website.

It can not be reached by users from unique locations. But the platform is still worth testing. It allows uninterrupted video stream and lets you watch live games without interruption.

This website will also include live updates and news as well as streaming.

And on this website, you can watch live FIFA World Cup matches. This website not only allows you to see matches played internationally but also updates on future games.

If you don’t have to pocket pennies for live streams then this is Best Wiziwig Alternatives

13. NFL Stream

One platform that you can’t forget when you name Wiziwig alternative is NFL Stream. It provides online streaming for free across a wide range of sports.

Cricket, Table tennis, handball,, Badminton, Volleyball, Water Sports, Ice Sports, Football, Basketball , baseball, hockey, motorsport.

You name and they have the category.  In many countries, this website is limited.But a decent VPN tool can still be used to unblock the sites.

It offers you free access to both NFL and NCAAF streams. Plus, if you are using a device with weak Internet coverage, you can appreciate NFL streaming in standard quality.

But if you have high-speed internet, you will inevitably enjoy the performance efficiency of this amazing Wiziwig replacement.

If it’s not possible for you to see your team play at the stadium or have not the funds to pay for a membership on other channels, make your way to NFL Streaming.

NFL was planned specifically to satisfy the needs of multiple consumers.

The platform is also convenient for everyone to enjoy their favourite activities. Live games can be streamed for free. Yet this isn’t anything.

14. Fromhot

FromHot is another website with the best free sports streaming. It is a website where almost any sporting event is available.

Don’t matter what your favorite sports are, you’ll probably find them here. The UI of the online streaming is never that simple, and it is very much like Wiziwig.

The website looks tidy and quick to use. You don’t need to register to use fromHot.com.

The webpage itself includes the titles of numerous sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, cycling, and several others.

Chat widget helps the user to talk about live matches. It offers to stream football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, cycling, motorsport, and others.

The best feature is to check your preferred match manually, if it is online then it is included in the list.

You can also change the website time in line with your time zone. Many users enjoy this platform because it encourages the extension of free live sports streams.

It lets you look for your favorite game.

15. Laola1

One of the best websites to watch volleyball matches online and video streaming. It’s a well-designed platform that raises the charm of the platform for live sports.

The left corner of the home page lists the names of sports in a drop-down menu and their respective divisions and tournaments.

Laola1.Tv gives you a wide range of choices such as soccer, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, basketball, table tennis, and motorsports.

It supports video streaming as well.

And the best thing here is almost ads-free and you can create your own profile by registering, adding your fav teams, personalizing the watch list, and much more.

The website itself has a nice interface that makes navigation simple. All this and definitely Laola1 makes it one of today’s best free sports streaming websites.

Although it is an Austrian website, you do not need to use a VPN to stream it, unlike the other websites.

People around the globe can still use the website for live sporting streaming since it is available in a foreign version.

The web portal can be accessed in German and English. This is a very positive idea since English is the world’s leading foreign language of communication.

In addition, Laola1 is not a geographic platform such that sports feeds can be accessed by users from various countries.

For eg, if you are a Canadian and want to watch ASEAN Games, you can visit this site and watch the sports streams as you expect.

It provides international sports like football streams across the globe, international volleyball matches, and a fantastic venue for table tennis.

This is the service you can’t find on any platform.

Live streaming provides free sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, motorsports, table tennis, cricket, hockey, and many other big sports.

16. Streamwoop

Streamwoop is a free online platform that enables users to watch live sports, playback, and highlights.

It is one of the places with the highest internet sports index. The web site includes lots of sports content, and you can all enjoy them in HD quality.

In addition to the live streams of specific sports, you can also hit a wide variety of online TV networks.

Streamwoop is a fantastic website that highlights user experience. Maintain advertising limited. You will watch any sporting event on the website and will not get banner advertising.

Only a few hands are on the website. As soon as you reach the web, Streamwoop gives you the luxury feel.

A dedicated playback section is available where you can see clips from numerous competitions.

According to me, the most impressive aspect of this website is the UI. It’s very easy to use and it is not challenging for first-time users to use it.

This well-crafted segment lets you keep aware of all that is going on in the network.

On streamwoop, you can watch high-quality sports streams without registering. Streamwoop is dedicated to delivering the latest sports coverage on its website.

You may not have to waste any time on authentication on this website and take the action immediately.

It also contains a social media feature that enables users to communicate on trendy sports topics through chats.

17. Sportlemon

Sportlemon is a one-stop sports web site for viewing all forms of the sport like football, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, U.S. football, wrestling, motorcycle, etc.

Sportlemon offers easy navigation to navigate the whole web to find your favorite sport to watch it.

You can also find streaming feeds of your favorite sport in the top right corner of the browser and conveniently browse through multiple sports classifications.

Sportlemon provides nice, easy-to-use, secure, and fast viewing software for HD online sports.

There is nothing much to say about SportLemon as it has exactly the same capabilities as most other top sport streaming websites in terms of interface, content, website design and architecture, policies, etc.

SportsLemon.tv provides a live view of all your favorite sports, including baseball, NASCAR racing, hockey, crickets, basketball, tennis, and many more.

It’s a big platform that you can rely on to watch your favorite sport, while other platforms have server problems.

This website offers to the stream of numerous connexions to several sports so that everyone can have a job stream.

In addition, you can find Live Streams of your favorite sport in the top right corner of each browser.

To view sports live on this website, you do not have to spend a single penny and it functions flexibly on any browser. No add-ons are required to use this website.

18. Bosscast

Bosscast.net is a completely different network from the others.

Although it provides the same amount of live streaming sporting games, the site does not include a menu to navigate to your favorite sports section.

However, that does not prove that you can not enjoy watching matches from your favorite league or sport in real-time.

Thanks to the clear User interface, it is easy to search all channel listings available for live streaming in the left-field and preview the channel picked in the center.

In addition, on the right side of the screen, a dialogue box is given that holds audiences on the screen with peculiar contributions from colleagues.

You can find the list of existing live and future sporting activities on the homepage.

Live content, of course, is not legal and the website is notorious for its malware download on your computer.

Therefore, you always have an active and healthy antivirus VPN. All upcoming and live activities are listed according to the date and time.

It’s really quick and fast. To use this facility, you do not require any registration or login credentials.

Sports like Football, baseball, tennis, cricket, moto GP, racing, and other common sports are available to stream free of charge.

It has an inconvenience because it offers advertisements that are very aggressive with invasive popups and click Advertisements.

How to watch sports streaming risk-free

As you know, it is not difficult to watch free live sports streaming. You just have to go to one of the websites mentioned below to search for a sporting event.

But you should be mindful that all of these sports free streaming platforms will flood you with lots of ads.

All these tools will potentially redirect you to illicit online content. Infringement of copyright is a serious offense, and if found you might face court trouble.

Many states, ISPs, and copyright holders are tightening up restrictions to discourage consumers from viewing unauthorized content on live streamings or other proprietary material.

You must also be mindful that it is most of the time illegal to use these websites to view live sporting activities. Whenever you plan to continue, always use a secure and effective VPN operation.

Using a VPN to watch live sports streaming


Whereas free live sports streaming platforms encourage users to access their favorite sports for free.

But there is a limitation is geo-blocking, and many of the best free sport websites in certain countries are not accessible.

Even if you live or fly to another country for work or holidays, it can be difficult to watch your favorite sports online.

A VPN can solve this problem quickly. A VPN masks your actual location by masking with the VPN server your IP address.

If you are using a VPN, your IP address and location is the VPN server to which you are connected.

So all you have to do is connect to a VPN server in the country where the sports broadcasting platform streams the live sports event.

This lets you access sports streaming platforms from anywhere in the world to watch your favorite sports.


Free sports websites always come with random pop-ups, browser-sticking cookies, and unauthorized pages connexions.

Free streaming websites contain misleading advertising which exposes consumers to ransomware, misuse of data, or scams.

Many people know these threats, but that does not deter them. In most instances, the VPN enables you to directly stream from the source rather than through malicious links.

You can only mask your IP and directly access the source. The VPN also secures your network, encrypts your data, and hides your actual location.

It provides an external authentication component that can help safeguard privacy and confidential data.

Judicial protections

This is the most sensitive explanation of why you need a VPN active during your online viewing of free live streaming content.

As we have described in this post, websites providing free live streaming contravene to some extent those copyright laws.

You commit a felony if you view pirated content. A VPN will anonymize your identity by hiding your true IP address.

As a result, monitoring you is incredibly difficult. Therefore, you get shielded against any legal action against you while the VPN is working.


These are the best wiziwig alternatives to stream live sports. These websites are open and there are no costs which mean these places are free of charge.

All the sites mentioned above will give you a great live streaming experience. Not only football or cricket, but you can watch many other sports as well.

Some of these might need a sign up which would not be an issue. So just click and go to any of the mentioned websites to enjoy your favorite sport.

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