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Samsung’s Premiere 4k Laser Projector Now Available, Starting at $3,499

Innovation, along with budget-friendly option is something in which Samsung hits at the top.

Recently Samsung comes up with its premium 4K laser projector, which is starting at $3499 only.



It might sound a bit expensive to some, but all the features in it will not let a user feel like this way at all.

Yes, you just get it right. Recently there was an announcement done about this 4K laser Projector from Samsung, which hit at the top for all the users who are looking forward to getting available with high-end QLED TV.


It is the best alternative for the same, along with a budget-friendly option. There will be no need for them to miss on to the QLED TV experience at all.

There are two models with which Samsung comes in front one is LSP7T at $3499 and LSP9T at $6499.

The LSP7T model comes up with up to a 120-inch projection, and the other one comes up to 130 inches projection.

Both of the projectors hit in the category of best when it comes to features. No one can deny the fact of considering features.

Moreover, Samsung comes up with the statement where they have mentioned both of the projectors as Ultra short throw projector.

This clearly means that a user will be going to get a massive projection size even when the unit is placed directly in front of the Wall of the screen.

This lets a user conclude that they will be going to have the experience which they have not expected as well.

When it comes to having a look at maximum projection size this then these are not the things which make the projectors to be separate from each other.

The LSP9T is quite brighter at 2800 ANSI lumens, and for the LSP7T, these are 2200 ANSI lumens only.

It clearly indicates that the expensive one will be going to deliver the brighter image, and in more ambient light in the room, a user will be going to get a clear picture.

In the expensive model, there is a 40 watt 4.2 channel audio system, and in the inexpensive one, it is of 30 watts 2.2 channel setup so that a user can conclude that according to the requirements, they will be able to purchase one.

Apart from all the specifications of the projector, both of them are powered by Tizen operating system as Samsung TV, and a user will be able to control them with the help of Alexa and Bixby voice assistant as well.

Both of them are the laser projector, which clearly indicates that their light sources will be going to last longer as compared to bulbs, which were the part of traditional projectors earlier.

Samsung also comes up with advertisements for the premier projector to support HDR10+ as well. The format has been adopted according to the HDR standards, which are different from others like Dolby Vision.

In case you are looking forward to purchasing the product, then you must visit the Samsung website today.

On the website, there will be a clear detail available along with specifications. A user will be going to get a clear idea of what they will be going to get in each of the models.

A user will be able to expect the shipping within 2 to 3 days. This clearly indicates that this time Samsung is focusing on shipping services as well.

In case you are looking forward to purchasing something affordable along with specifications then the Samsung projector will be going to the right choice for you.

Additionally, it is a suggestion whenever you move ahead to purchase the projector, do not forget to check out the specifications and the range it has.

This will let you conclude whether the area in which you are looking forward to using it will be going to be covered by it or not.

Moreover, a Samsung also comes with an announcement that next time they will come up with something more interesting so that users will not going to feel disappointed in any case.

Additionally, both of the projectors have something different. A user just needs to check on to the same only.

What are you waiting for? If you wish to grab a durable product along with all the high and specification then these Samsung projectors will be going to fulfill your requirement.

All you need to do is just place your order from the main website of Samsung now and get it as soon as possible.

In order to gather more information in detail, then without going for a second thought, you can move ahead with the official site.

Hope, it will be helpful to find the recent updates of the device from Samsung. As per wish and convenience, one can move further to buy at affordable price.

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