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No One is Safe: Trump Aides Tested Positive for the Virus

From the day this coronavirus situation came into existence, it is growing day by day. There is no full stop coming in the way so that people can get rid of it.

Recently news came out that, most senior advisor of president Trump has tested positive for it.

Three similar people linked with the same matter came up with this news on Thursday night.

Hope Hicks is known to be the closest person to President Trump, and right now, things are becoming worse day by day.

On Thursday night, the news came out, but before that, on Wednesday night, she traveled with Mr. Trump. They both went aboard Airforce to Minnesota for a camping rally.

After her, Stephen Miller also became the victim of coronavirus and tested positive. Yes, you just get it right.

Right now people are suffering from coronavirus who are considered being the closest to President Donald Trump.

Let’s have a closer look at the situation so that this will become quite clear, and there will be no tickling questions that hit you hard.

A closer look

Hope Hicks is among those who are sometimes considered as the right hand to President Trump. Yes, you just get it right.

She was serving as a counselor to the president and was traveling with him to a rally on Wednesday.

She is the closest aide. She tested positive, and through his administration official, this news came out on Thursday.

Stephen Miller is also closest to Trump and the senior advisor and speechwriter. She was tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday.

According to officials, there was news that when earlier the test was done, she was tested negative. But again, when the test was conducted, he also tested positive along with Hope Hicks.

With Private Health, their condition was discussed, and then people reached the conclusion that they might have it. After the test, the results came out to be positive.

Both of them are on leave and taking proper care to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

The best part about the situation is that the White House did not respond to anything immediately like the last time when Trump was tested.

Right now they are looking forward to examining the situation with more detail so that they will come up with appropriate answers to the queries.

Moreover, both of them have been advised to be quarantined.

Not only that, but some other officials as well are facing the trouble of a coronavirus outbreak.

Some other people from White House also tested positive but details still not revealed about them.

Regularly the tests are going on so that one will be able to keep the surroundings safe.

Additionally, when it comes to look at Stephen Miller, he is an architect of America’s first foreign policy and restrictive immigration measures.

He is among those who came up with this policy.

What Right Now?

Right now, the situation is being so that both of them are current and taking proper care, as suggested by the doctors.

None of them is advised to step out because their symptoms are quite severe.

Additionally, there was news coming out from the White House that both of them have all the guidelines, and they will not come back until and unless they get covered totally.

The White House operations collaborate with physicians so that they can ensure all the procedures and plants which will protect the surroundings from it.

The thing that surprised readers a lot was that some people from the White House did not comment about the condition of both the persons.

Not even a single person said anything about their condition because both of them are very close to Trump, and no one wants people have an idea of what is going on with them.

They keep things confidential so that people can feel relaxed and will not ask unnecessary questions.

This is shocking because everyone is expecting answers from White House people so that they can easily consider what the condition is going on.

But due to the complete speechless behaviour from the people, everyone is getting restless to know about the condition of Stephen Miller and Hope Hicks.

If you also feel like that this is not the right way to treat the situation, then also you will fall into the category of those people who are curious to know about their condition.

Let us know in the comment section below what your opinion is about it.

Moreover, if you wish to know something about White House or any news regarding the coronavirus outbreak, then do let us know in the comment section below.

We will provide you all the details so that since we become quite clear

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