Education Mobile Learning Marks the End of School Learning to...

Mobile Learning Marks the End of School Learning to an Extent

We are in a generation where mobile learning has taken its place.

We all are aware of the fact that in case a student’s looking forward to getting any answer, they can simply use their mobile.

When it comes to exploring education, we will be going to think a lot and consider mobile learning as the best learning in the classroom.

Students are using tablets and Smartphones to get the answers.

They have a thought that they will be able to get all the answers easily, and it became part of extraordinary development as well.

But this is not the case at all. We all know that there is a benefit of mobile learning, but somewhere, it is ending whatever a person can learn in the school classroom.

Students now have access to everything, and they can get the answers easily. But this is not the scenario anymore.

It is important that students are aware of the fact that they are using technology in a manner that is friendly for them.

But due to over-dependence on technology on mobile phones, the learning process there has been disturbed.

We all have an idea that this is the only beginning.

In the current situation, students are dependent on mobiles and tablets just to get the answer and to communicate with each other.

This covid-19 situation brings out the classroom on their devices as well. Now students are dependent on them a lot that they cannot think to spend their life without it.

But this is somewhere harmful to them. Students are able to solve their problems, but when it comes to creativity, it lacks at a certain point.

They are missing out on the point of mobility, and they have no idea how it feels to be like when you are in a school.

Now, whenever they wish to grab any answer, they can simply take their device and get it.

But in earlier times, when School learning was the prominent one, students used to communicate with each other and get the answers.

Currently, students have the thinking that there is no need for them to go for group discussions at all because they can get it on their device.

But in earlier times, School learning brings out group discussions, which let students learn about the perspective of others as well.

This is a major problem with the technology that they cannot communicate with each other in any case.

These days, they are making friends just for the sake of convenience and for entertainment purposes only.

They never like to share their stuff with each other or discuss the problems they were facing.

The thinking patterns have become entirely different, and the education system is contributing to different thinking patterns as well.

Mobile learning let them become the one who can sit inside the room and get all the answers.

But this was not the same at all in earlier times.

When School learning was preferred, students were enthusiastic about moving to the classroom and discuss the topic with their friends.

But now they do not feel any enthusiasm because they have clear answers right in front of them.

Students Create What They Need and What They Believe.

Currently, we are in the social structure where we cannot lend ourselves to get the whole idea of mobile learning because students never want it.

One can take the example when it comes to preparing the food as there is no need for them to hunt any animal anymore because now restaurants and groceries are there.

Right now, the present generation has no idea what the earlier generation went through.

They are so much dependent on technology that they never bother to ask how these things came into existence.

When it comes to looking at the creative learning spaces for children and the ways they are adopting somewhere, it sounds to be good, but on the other side, this is just ridiculous.

But we cannot forget that the same came into existence just because we had schools.

It might sound crazy that we are comparing School learning and mobile learning, but this is the fact that if School learning was not there in earlier times, mobile learning would seem to be an impossible task to achieve.

Now communities are created where students can discuss their stuff with each other, and they do not bother what is going on.

When it comes to highlighting the truth, then the same has been applied to game-based learning and project based learning as well.

Different trends are going on were not only students, but it is family organizations, parents, and businesses do not understand the need for earlier things.

They are so much dependent on technology that instead of becoming a part of communities and their inherent problems, they just move ahead without getting an idea about it.


After going through the above instances, it is quite clear that mobile learning has interacted with school learning to the extent that is quite unbeatable.

No one had expected that this was about to happen. But this had happened, and it seems to be like there is no coming back from it.

Everyone is hoping for something good is time, but they forget about what the early history contributed to present to the scenario.

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