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 Indonesia’s Stimulus Plan Fail to Get Applause From Environmentalists and Unions

In the world, Indonesia is the fourth world’s populous country.

Due to coronavirus, the country has been hit hard which threatens the economy of the country greatly.

The pandemic situation may stress the country’s health care system to the fullest!

Of course, it is very hard for the country to adopt the coronavirus outbreak though it is expected to be normal by next year.

The country will find quick upliftments in reviving the economy.

Now, the country has more than 300,000 COVID-19 confirmed cases, and the death rate is increasing day by day.

The death of the country reaches nearly 11,000 — Indonesia has the highest death rate due to coronavirus in East Asia.

For the second time, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has forced a partial shutdown! Just imagine..!! A cemetery for the death rates in Medan breaks the heart of others!

It is expected that the economy of the country will be alright soon.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati is the Financial Minister of Indonesia has estimated a plan to make the economy normal by reaching 1.7 percent this year.

Officials are panicking about the current situation since the economy is in a critical stage along with schools and colleges are closed.

Soon, it will overturn the country’s economy by reducing poverty; provide quality education for all and improve nutrition.

Sweeping Coronavirus Stimulus Package!

Mr. Joko is the president of Indonesia has put an approval for sweeping workers that weakens the worker protections and paves a great way for the destruction of forests.

The law was passed by Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, and it is considered the best way to increase the investment options and to create new job opportunities for the workers.

Even the opposition to this measure grows; President’s Supporters expect that the passage comes into existence next Friday!

Alongside, labor unions announce a three-day national strike from Tuesday against the amendment since the law may reduce the job security, leave days and wages.

Moreover, the unions laborers announce that the strike calls millions of workers from other industries and kindle withdraw the law against sweeper’s stimulus package.

Environmentalists also fight that the measures would spoil the beauty of the country and lead to the destruction of forests- controls the emission of carbon!

A senior director for Asia, “Phelim Kine” said that the government is following the policy without keeping the climatic crisis in mind.

The measure comes in 1,028 pages and supporters support the measure that the law can improve the investment process.

Environmentalists and unions oppose the measure since they fear about the environmental benefits. Only the investors and supporters support the law!

Protest Around the Country:

A year ago, due to the law of prohibiting sex outside marriage and lesbian relations, thousands of people are protested in the streets around the country.

During the protestation, five were died. Due to the collapse, Mr. Joko withdrew the amendment.

The same protest can happen even this year but due to coronavirus restrictions, protest cannot happen.

That is why; labor organizers are planning to protest against the government outside the parliament and invite the environmentalists to join the measure to protest against the measure!

The labor union supports the idea of job creation but workers would not get mandatory leave off, part-time workers, plus more.

Indonesia has a big rainforest area and the burning causes severe loss to palm oil plantations.

Of course, people will find forest fire in the country every year and produce maximum smoke that greatly contributes to global warming.

The government has taken huge steps to reduce the amount of burning in the forest areas. The government has offered safety nets for the investment options and the measure saves the environmental requirements even for small or large projects.

Critic’s show that lack of protection and decreased safety in environmental requirements will make investors invest in other countries like Europe.

This is why; investors pay less interest in investing the money in Indonesia!

Mr. Asep, Greenpeace in Indonesia said, “This method of investing may cause severe damage to our forest and its environment”!

When doing so, there is no use of saving the environment from deforestation and so investors should pay attention to invest in the country for the bright future.

It is a duty of every citizen in the country to safeguard the forest and the environment.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to “forest fire” so that workers continue working hours and mandatory leave off.

Supporters and investors should invest in the Indonesia country for the growth of the country.

Indonesia’s Stimulus Plan has been announced by the president of Indonesia Fail to Get Applause from Environmentalists and Unions!!

Sweeping measure that has been passed in Parliament paves a great way for deforestation. As a result of this, more and more workers are going to lose their jobs!

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