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Google Will Turn Selfie Retouching Off by Default With the New Pixel Phones

Google always comes up with something interesting for its users. This is not the case with applications only, but the device is launched by them; also they developed by keeping the human aspect into consideration.

Recently Google has come up with the fact that they will be going to turn off the face retouching option by default in all new phones.

This will be applicable in Google pixel 4A, pixel5 and so on.

After having an idea about it, there might be questions hitting hard on what let them think about it. Just dig out this till the last and get a clear answer for the same.

What Let Google Turn Off the Face Retouching Option in All-new Camera Phones?

The major reason Google considers to turn off the face retouching option because of somewhere it is affecting the mental well-being of an individual.

Google comes up with the statement that all the default selfie filters or someone is known to be beauty standard filters are somewhere impacting people a lot.

The Google camera application in pixel 4A, pixel 4A 5G and pixel 5 will not be going to have the retouching option enabled by default.

The company also mentioned that they would be going to keep the quality high so that it will not go to impact people in any case.

Along with it, on camera, they have included night sight in portrait mode, support for the built-in Ultra-wide lens, and portrait light.

In May 2018, Digital Wellbeing was launched, and it was initially as a part of Google Pixel phones.

The major reason to launch it so people will be able to balance the usage of their phones. But it was not able to reach all the devices.

But in the past several months, most of the Android devices have it. Now Google has taken the same into consideration and expanded the initiative.

They come up with guidelines so that there will be an accurate report about how selfie cameras must work.

There was an announcement done by a Google product manager VinitModi in a blog post that they have conducted so many studies and spoke with children and different mental health experts.

Around The World, they conducted the same and reached the conclusion that the applied filter in the camera phone somewhere creates trouble for people.


In reality, they are not able to accept it. For keeping the mental health normal, we are taking this step further.

The photos have a negative impact on mental well-being, and it is not good for users at all.

This clearly indicates that ongoing mental stress is the major reason why Google reaches the conclusion of turning off the face retouching option.

Moreover, they have already added the default filter and quietly set up the beauty standard to high, which somewhere becomes impossible for a person to read.

There is a new Framework with guidelines created by Google in which they are suggesting that the face retouching settings must be off by default.

In case a user wants to opt for the same, they can go with it and enable the selfie filters. But Google will not be going to enable it on their own.

The company is being so specific about it that they will not be going to compromise with it in the New Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 at all.


By keeping all the references into consideration, the manager also added that they would be going to use iconography and language to the option so that people will be able to utilize them to the extent.

Not only this, the value-free descriptive icon and labels on the options will become a part of upcoming updates so that users will not go to miss the options anymore.

Whatever they want to make the change in the default camera app, they can go with it easily.

Google also mentioned that “Snapchat” is among those applications which let users select the filters according to their requirement. And it is quite intuitive as well.

Not only this, there is feedback shared by the customer who has heard about the research and share the insights about the design Framework as well, and they have mentioned that this is the best they can consider as it will go to change a lot around.

As we have already mentioned that the night sight Mode along with the Ultra-wide lens is also there, which makes the capturing moments experience memorable for all the users.

The only thing which will not be going to be the part of the camera is the enabling of face retouching beauty mode itself.

For the same, the user needs to do it on their own. Hold for me feature will also get integrated along with Google assistant so that you will be able to take the photos easily.

Do let us know in the comments section below what is your opinion about this initiative from Google.

In case you are looking forward to getting the Google Pixel 4 or Google Pixel 5, then also be sure that you need to deal with a lot of new features that you have not expected as well.

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