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Coronavirus Situation Altered the Conversation and Make It About Money These Days

Coronavirus outbreak comes like a boon to society in both ways. It is both advantageous and disadvantageous.

One has not expected that things will be going to change like this, and people will fall into the conversations which they have not expected as well.

It is quite surprising to notice that these days, people are also having their conversations about money.

It might sound like how the COVID has altered the conversation about money, but yes, this is the truth.

In this article, we will be going to reveal about a conversation between husband and wife which let you conclude that this COVID-19 situation comes like a boon and let females take a step ahead in their life and get an idea about what is going on inside their house.

A Closer Look at the Incident:

Before this COVID-19 situation, Tara Beier and her husband Dennis never had a serious conversation about money.

Both of them are having separate bank accounts and divided the household responsibilities as well.

Additionally, her husband, who is 42 years old, looks forward to a mortgage of the properties they owned, and she looked forward to taking care of the rental home.

Things were working fine in 12 years of their marriage.

But suddenly, the lockdown situation came into existence, and the job as a producer evaporated. Right now, he is dependent on her wife.

A singer-songwriter is now responsible for covering mortgage and everyday expenses along with rent as well.

She also mentioned that she doesn’t feel like things have changed, and she doesn’t mind as well.

She is considering it as a situation where he is relying on her as a woman more. She lives in Santa Monica, California.

But it is quite challenging for both of them. She has no idea about their financial situation as she was never aware of it.

In her family, whenever she asks about the financial condition, she receives an answer, which is quite inappropriate.

Her dad used to have the financial control of the house, and in case they are talking about it, then it will end up with something drastic.

But after this coronavirus thing, she wanted to know all the specifics. She was having a thought that what if her husband falls ill and what if things are not working in their favor anymore.

She has no idea what the important documents are: the password for the bank account, and so on.

She has no idea in case they have any debt or not. And there was a lot that was bothering her a lot.

But this 3-month isolation let the couple have a lot of time to talk, and they talk about everything considering their dreams, goals, money, and so on.

The conversation which is becoming the major part of the household across the country is money.

Usually, husbands never share the fiscal matters with their wife, and they have no idea what is going on.

But now the situation has been changed, and the females will no longer bury their heads in the sand.

This situation is life-changing, and things are quite uncertain as well. In this uncertainty, every female is craving for transparency, especially when it is about money.

Moreover, this covid-19 situation also lets people have the opportunities so that they will be able to turn more inward inside their house and inside their finances.

This was mentioned by a financial therapist in Miami, Erica Wassermann.

She did a lot of research and reached the conclusion that apart from planning the things, it is important that they have enough opportunities as the husband and they are managing the finances as well.

It is important for a woman to come up with a plan which let them feel satisfied as well. Moreover, not only the money related things but inside the house as well there are so many questions which are important to answer.

Apart from health concerns it is important for a woman to understand what they will be going to do if their men have lost their job.

Between February and May, almost 11.5 million women lost their jobs as compared to men. The ratio for men was 9 million. This has been proved by Pew Research Centre.

Moreover, financial planning is taking a drastic change right now, and females are engaged in it as well.

After going through all of the things, the female reaches the conclusion that they need to understand what is going on and how their man is managing the things.

So many researchers are going on around which let an individual conclude that this is the time to be equal in everything, especially money.

Before the pandemic, things were quite different, and women were aware of household things only.

But now the situation has been changed, and they need to worry about financial status as well.

After going through this incident, it is quite evident that it is important for a woman to know what is going on and how they will be going to deal with fiscal matters as well.

In case they have no idea about it, then things will not go in their favor at all. Moreover, she started to take an interest in everything and analyze what is going on inside the house.

Both husband and wife are sharing the stuff which let them be in a good conversation.

In the beginning, it was quite uncomfortable for them to talk about it but after the conversation they have clarity of thought, and there is clarity in the relationship as well.

Let us know in the comment section below what your opinion about it is and how money altered your conversation in this covid-19 situation.

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