Education Common Misconceptions About Assessments People Have

Common Misconceptions About Assessments People Have

In the classroom, there are different things with which a student will be going to deal with. But assessment is something which is still a part of question and discussion as well.

In the last 2 decades, there were a lot of discussions done about it, but still some people have no idea about the effective use of assessment in any case.

Some educator’s particularly at the secondary school level, feel like that these are just the part of the session and they need to fulfill it. But this is not the case at all.

There are certain misconceptions educators and students both are having about assessment. If you also hit in the same list then after this read, this will not go to hit you anymore in any case.

Common Misconceptions People Have About Assessment:-

Assessments Are Meant for Grading Purpose:

This is one of the most common thoughts students have about it. It is damaging to an extent as well.

In classrooms, there is an announcement done sometimes, that assessment will be going to decide about your marks. But this is not the case at all.

It is quite obvious that assessment is important for grading, but it is not majorly playing any role.

When teachers move ahead for collecting the marks, it will be going to depend on how much you have learned in the class and how your teacher understood you.

In case you have done something wrong, then it will be going to reflect from your marks as well.

For every teacher, especially in Secondary Schools, it is important that they are aware of the pursuit of marks.

Assessment doesn’t create any difference to the same. They will be going to focus on the work at the same hand.

It is double damaging because, according to neuroscience, when a student is not able to submit the assessment, it creates stress, which is unbearable to an extent as well.

Evaluation and Assessment Are One and the Same Thing:

So many people have the thought that evaluation and assessment are one and the same thing, but these are not the same at all.

Assessment is all about submitting the task assigned to the student in the given deadline, and evaluation is giving the grades to them.

When students have confusion about evaluation and assessment, they feel like in case they have not to submit the assessment, then the evaluation will not go to get completed.

But this is not like it at all. These are totally different from each other, and evaluation is not part of the assessment at all.

Assessment is One-way Communication:

Usually, students have thought that assessment is one-way communication.

With this statement, we clearly indicate that students have a thought they need to complete it on their own.

But this is not the case at all. It is important that they are communicating with their teachers about the same as well.


The teachers will guide them to complete the assessment accordingly. In case the students are just becoming their own Masters, then what is the need for classroom learning at all.

Therefore, it is important for you to understand that being a student, you need to be sure that you are asking your teacher how to complete a particular assessment.

In case they are not helping you with that, then you are creating trouble for your own self only, and you can move to higher authorities for getting clearances for the same.

Assessment is Just a Piece of Paper and Doesn’t Have Any Link With Knowledge:

This is also a misconception students are having. They consider that assessment is just a piece of paper they need to complete.

But this is not the case. Sometimes teachers conduct particular classes on the basis of assessment, and you need to present about the same.

This clearly indicates that it does have a link with knowledge.

You cannot complete the assessment in a hurry without having an idea of what you have returned on the piece of paper or in the presentation.

Assessments Contribute to Discrimination:

We all know that every student comes up with a different caliber and different creativity skills as well.

Some students have the thought that if they have not created the assessment with all the creativity, then there will be discrimination happen with them.

But this is not the scenario at all. Basically, assessment is all about to judge what you have learned in the duration.

If you are presenting it efficiently then the teacher will be going to appreciate you, but if you are not presenting it, then they will go to comment about it for sure.

If a Student Got Late in Submitting the Assessment, the Teacher Will Be Going to Deduct the Marks:

This totally depends on the teacher whether they will be going to deduct marks for the late submission or not, but according to the education policy, there is no particular rule that if you got late in submitting the assessment, the teachers will be going to detect the marks.

This will be going to create a lot of burden on students sometimes because in the bustle of submitting the assessment, they compromise with other activities and in the end, feel disappointed.

These are the common misconceptions people have about assessments.

It is important that they are making themselves aware of all the aspects so that no trouble will be going to hit them in any case.

In case they are becoming naive, then it will hit them hard, and they consider assessment to be a burden every time.

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