Science Before Migrating, Some Blue Whales Switch Up the Timing...

Before Migrating, Some Blue Whales Switch Up the Timing of Their Songs

Nature is always at its best. Some processes are so autonomous that no one can keep track of it. One can take the example of blue whales.

In the summer, feeding season is going on in high latitudes, and blue whales sing the song at night.

But when the migrating season is near and when they move towards the South to their breeding Grounds, they switch off the timings and Sing during the daytime.

This has been suggested by new research going on.

This is not the first time when scientists reach the conclusion about the singing Period of the whales in a particular time of the day.

Every year different researches are going on, and scientists come up with something new.

William Oestrich, biological oceanography at Stanford University, comes up with the fact that this is the first instance of changes in their thinking patterns throughout the year.

This is major during the feeding and mating cycle.

Something More to Know for the Singing Behaviour

In the north Pacific, the blue whales which are also known as Balaenoptera musculus spend the summer during the North America coast gorging and grilling, and after it during the wintertime they move towards the South for the purpose of breeding.

There was data collected with the help of an underwater microphone, and the scientist recorded the soundscape region for five years.

The scientist and his fellows come up with the fact that the singing timing varies according to the season.

Sometimes they used to sing in the daytime and sometimes at night time. It is a quite surprising pattern to notice.


In the summer and winter timings the whales switch and let others to get an idea about what is going on.

In summer timings one can observe the singing of these whale songs in evening timings as well, but in breeding timing which is the winter, it is major in daytime only.

In the research, the scientist observed the pattern in 15 Blue whales with the instruments from 2017 to 2019 and recorded the movement of Whales, including the diving and feeding behaviour.

Not only the diving and feeding behaviour, but almost 4,000 songs have been recorded by them.

A report came out where it has been suggested that the ways that have not started migrating yet and still at the breeding Grounds almost sings 10 songs per hour on an average and during breeding time the average is of three songs per hour.

But the whales who have started migrating towards the South don’t report about it much.

Some mysteries are still there, for which there are no particular findings.

Along with migration status and feeding behaviour the whales engage in activities which let them to migrate successfully.

Also, a research was come out where the scientist reported that in case they switched the timing, it will affect their behaviour as well.

This acoustic signature of migration will be going to be affected as well.

Some researchers are not sure about it but predicting the movement of whales via their songs is quite beneficial for others to know about them.

At the end of the scientist’s day, the scientists reach the conclusion that in the breeding season the whales are quite active that they engage in thinking activities as well.

But at the time when they are moving towards breeding, they dropped the singing pattern and engaged in migration only.

Their major motive is to reach the ground and engage in breathing only.

Also, the songs sung by these whales travel almost hundreds of a kilometre in the ocean environment, and some individual whales are able to listen to them as well.

It also lets other ways to get an idea that the time for migration has come and it is important for them to migrate.

Moreover, some more research are going on so that scientists will come up with the conclusion why there is a Switch between their singing patterns.

But they are reporting that it is due to the fact that their season has been changing and their bodies are not ready to adopt the change to the extent.

When they start to migrate towards the South, they do not engage in singing at all, and after reaching the breeding ground they usually sing during the day.

Also, during the breeding season, their body activities are quite different to notice. These whales get irritated easily in case someone is creating any nuisance to them.

They never liked that someone is creating any hassle whenever they are engaged in it.

Moreover, at the time of breeding as well, these whales are quite weak as they are nurturing their young ones.

Therefore, one can easily conclude in case anyone wishes to attack them, then the breeding season will be quite beneficial for them.

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