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Feel Like These Three Barbell Exercises You Are Doing Are Not Correct: Let’s Correct Them Out


This covid-19 time lets individuals spend a lot of time at their places, and for the sake of convenience, they are engaged in exercises.

Therefore, if you are also adapting exercises for the sake of convenience and to maintain your physique, then understand the exact posture right now and then perform the exercise.

When a person is engaged in a workout, it is important for them to understand the exact posture for the same as well.

In case you are performing the exercise incorrectly or with poor posture, then it will result in injury, and you will not be able to get the results as you are expected.

The same is the scenario when a person is performing the barbell exercises.

The Barbell exercise is always the toughest exercise for beginners, and sometimes they are not aware of the exact posture for the same.

They move ahead with the wrong posture and, in the end, come up with inappropriate results.

Before you engage in exercise and become habitual of bad habits, check out the mistakes which you can make as a beginner and also try the correction methods we have mentioned below.


whether you will engage in barbell exercises or any other exercises, it is important for you to understand the exact posture.

In case you are compromising with it, then a moment will come when an injury may take place, and you will not be able to figure it out.

Therefore, if you do not want yourself to surround yourself with the same hassle, then try to perform the exercise with appropriate knowledge and do not end up with something which is not correct for you.

Let’s Have a Look at the Wrong Posture in # Barbell Exercise:-

Single-side Barbell Bus Driver:

This is among those exercises in which the person is not aware of the posture of their back and hip, and instead of focusing on the same in a hurry, they just attempt it.

But this is not the right way to do so. There is a solution to fix it.

When you wish to fix a single side barbell bus driver exercise, it is a suggestion don’t overextend your back at all.

Make sure that your hips are stationary rather than swinging around. Do not bring your arms, as well.

Moreover, instead of rotating your arms, press the weight up. This is the right way to perform the exercise.

Landmine Reverses Lunge:

This exercise is also among those exercises in which a person needs to be sure about that pelvic area. In case they are not focused on the posture, then the chances of injuries are.

Therefore it is important for an individual to learn about the exact posture for the same.

If you are engaged in a landmine reverse Lunge, then all you need to do is understand the exact posture, and it is a suggestion, do not ask your back or tilt your pelvis at all.

Make sure your back lie should band at 90 degrees, and your back knee must touch the ground.

In case it is not doing the same, then the posture is not correct, and you need to repeat it again.

Single-arm Landmine Row:

Single-arm landmine row is also among those exercises in which a person needs to be sure about their shoulder posture.

It is important for them to understand that they are keeping shoulders in the position that the exercise will be performed accordingly.

To fix the same, all you need to do is just make sure your shoulders are not shrugged. Keep them down and away from your ears.

Additionally, you can take your tailbone win at your spine so that your back will be straight, and your chin will be tucked up. This is the exact method to perform this exercise.


These are the three barbell exercises that are performed by individuals with the wrong postures.

It is a suggestion that if you feel still, your posture is not correct, then approach the gym trainer and ask him how to correct it.

Within no time, he will clear out and let you understand the procedure in detail. Make sure you are not ending up with something which is just inappropriate.

In case you are dealing with the wrong posture, then it will lead to injuries as well.

Therefore, to save yourself from such hassle, try to adapt to the posture, which is appropriate, and make sure you are performing it well as well.

It is a suggestion that if you have no approach with any gym trainer or anyone, then it is a suggestion check out the YouTube videos and then get the exact information about it until, and unless the posture is not correct, you will not go to feel the benefit of it at all.

Moreover, always try to learn the posture from advanced professionals because in case you are dealing with someone who is not an advanced one then the results will not be appropriate as you are expecting.



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