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39 Best iMeetZu Alternatives | Connect with Random People Online

In this article, we’ll discuss better alternatives for iMeetZu.

iMeetZu is an online chatting platform that is free to use and is one of the leading online video chatting websites. The users can send and receive text messages, images, and video, perform video calls and group chats as well. The users need not get registered on the site.

It works on a filter-based mechanism where the user can use various filters to find people based on similar likes, dislikes, interests, behaviors, age, and location. There are three different kinds of chats offered by the platform to its users and those are text chat, group chat, and video chat.

Some of the alternatives of iMeetZu application are discussed below.

iMeetZu Alternatives

Next in line is This online web-based platform is free and provides a next-gen online chatting experience to its users who are looking to make real friends on the internet. This platform was previously known as and allows users to make and chat with friends who have the same or similar interests, likes, and dislikes as them. This platform is mostly famous among European people.

How does it work? It requires the users to register themselves on the site and also uses their IP addresses for a more user-friendly control. The users can make a private profile for private chat room experiences. This platform is also considered to be one of the most notorious webcam chat services on the internet.

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Omegle is one of the most popular online chatting platforms on this list. It is absolutely free to use, doesn’t require any registration, and allows the users to come together, connect and communicate with each other without any limitation. How does it work? The algorithm randomly pairs the users where they can sit in one on one chat room. The program does not reveal the identity of the users and only names them “you” and “stranger”.

One of the prominent and highlighted features of this platform is that it comes with a very good Spy Mode. This feature helps pair up 3 people at once randomly. The users can connect with each other through Facebook where they can connect with people who have the same interest as them. The main objective of this application is to make the world small and help people connect with each other easily where they can share everything with each other.

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Meet in Chat

Meet in Chat is a free, online chatting platform developed for people who want to make friends. This app makes the world small and lets the user meet and chat with random people and strangers. The platform started at a very basic level and now boasts of having 2 million subscribers on board! The platform has a very powerful security system that safely and very securely lets the users chat with other people.

The interface of this platform is very user-friendly and simple to use and understand. The user can find people with similar interests and allows the user to use various levels of filters such as gender, likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, etc. like any other chatting site, this platform also allows sharing videos, text, images, and geographical locations and that too without any limitations!

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ChatPig is an online chatting platform where users can chat with each other and people around the world. The application has a feature that displays the users who are online and they can connect and communicate with each other without any limits. The app offers features like start, stop and report while chatting.

Among several interesting features, this app offers the user to record audio and set Auto Next which helps the users to navigate and browse easily through webcam users. One can also become a part or member of ChatPig’s video chat community online.

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Itshello is a free-to-use application that works on the principle of self-hosting and open source. This sounds a bit technical, but how does it work? Well, it is as easy to use as technical and difficult it sounds! The user need not make an account to sign up. They just have to open the website and start chatting with people! Easy-Peasy.

The user can send, receive texts, images, videos, geographical locations, gifts, etc without any limit through its comprehensive chatting system. The app can be used anywhere around the world and offers all the core features like other chatting platforms like an advanced group chat!

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ChatVille is a free online chatting and communication application that allows users to meet, connect, chat and express their feelings with strangers across the whole world. The webcam-based app started at a very small level and now has millions of subscribers all over the world. The platform offers the users to chat with anonymity and this is the most widely liked feature of this application as the user need not show their identity while chatting.

The application provides the users a feature in which they can become a part of online streams and start their online stream too and see who has viewed them. The user can also share texts, images, videos, voice messages, location, and much more with the wide range of features that this platform provides.

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ChatRad is an online chatting application that is specifically designed for people who are looking for romance and serious relationships, in short, a true connection. The platform showcases users from across the globe and so this platform will take your romantic relationships to a whole new level!

The platform has a very user-friendly and easy-to-use and understandable interface that makes the chatting and connecting procedure very efficient and easy. It has a very wide range of features that allows the users to find it as a top replacement option for various other online chatting applications.

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ChatBazaar is a 100 percent free online chatting platform that allows users to explore and meet people online in various chat rooms. The application offers to its users group chats and live forums features.

Probably, the best feature of ChatBazaar is that no registration is required to use this application. The user can simply start using the app and move to their wanted chat room. The age requirement for using this application is a minimum of 18 years of age.

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InstaChatRooms is a free online chatting and connecting application where the users can chat freely in many chat rooms. The users can find random people to chat as well as create group chat rooms to connect with many people at once where they can video chat with one another.

The platform supports live video chat and forums etc. The users can select the chat rooms according to their requirements, likes, dislikes, interests, and behaviors. This is one of the many unique features of this web-based application.

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ChatHub is 100 percent free to use that allows users to chat with people online through the use of a webcam. The app offers free services and lets the users chat and text without any limits. This platform also offers gender filters that make the user experience even more friendly.

The application also has a country and language filter that the user can use to filter out his options based on the location and their language. The speed at which the user can meet new people depends upon the speed of the network of the user, directly proportional!

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FunYo is a free-to-use online social networking and communication application where users can connect randomly with strangers. It is also known by the name FunYo TV. This is specifically designed for users who want to make real friends and find a true and perfect match! The app offers a lightning-fast video chat system that makes the procedure of connecting with people really easy.

The app has millions of users on board from around the world. How does it work? The user needs to use a webcam to use the video chat features.The user can send, receive text messages, images, videos, and other content. The online chatting experience gets even more exciting for the user when they meet random strangers! Well, you never know who you will meet, it could be anyone, a great and hilarious new friend or the perfect love of your life, you never know.

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Iddin is a chatting platform that offers you great chatting and communication experience with people while allowing the users to make and customize things. The user can create a chat room according to his likeness where they can invite friends to join them. The app allows the users to disconnect easily if they feel too exhausted or bored and can’t reconnect whenever they feel like it.

The main features of this web-based app include free video or webcam chat, voice chat online, directory of different video chat sites and online video chat, and all this absolutely free.

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TinyChat is a free, social communication application that offers its user’s voice, text, and video chat features to connect with people in their chat rooms. This feature-rich application is web-based and allows you to connect and communicate with strangers around the globe.

This app puts no limit on the number of chat rooms one can have. It also offers the users to make their own chat rooms and groups with friends.

The chat rooms are available to the users according to their interests, likes, and dislikes. This chat application also offers users to become a part of TinyChat’s online video chat community.

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Qeep Dating App

Qeep Dating App is one such application for people looking for serious relationships locally in their own area. The main goal of this app is to expand people over the globe. The users can find singles that are looking for people to chat, become friends, date and find their own perfect match!

This application works on a matchmaking algorithm where the users can find people in their area, locally, or around the whole world, and find their common interests. This is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use app where the user can just signup and find their perfect match and that too for free!

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StrangerMeetUp, as the name suggests, is an online chatting application or platform where the user is provided with many chat rooms and allows the user to find strange and random people and connect with them. The app allows group video chatting features where the user can video chat with any member of the group.

The platform is absolutely free and has a stable secure system. Although, this requires prior registration where the potential users have to make an account to enjoy the core and amazing features of this app unlimited.

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ChatRandom is a social communication and networking application that allows people to connect and become friends around the world. This feature-rich app lets the user take their casual webcam activity and experience more amazing and exciting things.

It is a free application that offers a random chat feature where the user can connect with random people and express their feelings. How does this app work? When you open the ChatRandom site, the user will be brought to its webpage directly and after pressing the start button, they will be connected with people randomly around the globe in an instant!

The ChatRandom app takes the online chatting experience a notch higher by providing a very straightforward and user-friendly interface.

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FaceBuzz is a free-to-use gaming video application that connects like-minded gamers from around the world. Now, that’s one of a kind. The people who share a love and interest in gaming can use this application for connecting with people online and playing games together!

The user can make friends in real-time and that too in a fraction of seconds; this platform connects the user with hundreds of people online. The word Face in the name FaceBuzz means a comedy element that comes with chatting with people online and the thrill of it.

The best and one of the most prominent features of this platform is that there are no location-based or geographical limitations that one might face while networking with other people on the internet.

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Sugacam is an online chatting and networking community where the user is allowed to chat with beautiful, hot, and sexy women from around the world. The site allows the users to chat on text as well as on video or webcam. This application is leading because it has many dashing and gorgeous ladies on board who are available for chatting and networking.

The application is absolutely and 100 percent free and it’s one of the kind where the user can avail this facility without any prior or succeeding cost. The user is just a few clicks away from chatting with the most adorable and beautiful women.

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RouletteB is a free, online social networking application. This app allows the users to socialize with other people around the globe, make friends, communicate and connect. This platform offers very similar services to ChatRoulette.

RouletteB allows the users to connect with random boys and girls, chat with them, send and share images, videos, texts without any limitation and express their feelings. The app is known to have the maximum number of singles on board! Well, that’s quite impressive.

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ZupYo is a free-to-use video chatting application with random men and women, guys and girls, from across the world that are the users of this platform. The chat site provides you all the features and options that one might expect from an online chatting platform for a very user-friendly experience.

The account of the user can be customized by them by adding various fonts and colors as per their own preference. The most highlighted feature of this platform is that the user can express themselves in a more professional way, share their profiles with other people and this platform requires no registration.

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Shagle is a free-to-use online web-based video chat application that allows users to meet strangers and random people on the internet. The application makes it simpler for the users to interact with other people by allowing them to chat on a live cam.

It connects you with other users on the platform in an instant. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly app which can be accessed by anyone across the globe. This platform boasts of having 3 million subscribers on board where people can meet, share and express their experiences and feelings online.

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ChatMasher is a chatting application that aims at providing people the best chatting experience with strangers online. The most prominent and special feature of this platform is that it offers the users an option for an adult chat as well which makes it distinguished from other online chatting platforms. This platform has many beautiful and adorable women on board.

The app offers the users various special features such as adjusting the volume of the cam according to their device’s volume. It has a feature named “girls” which allows the users to watch only girls on live chat. The live webcam feature is free and the user can experience various adult features and pleasure, totally ban-free!

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Flinch is an application created and published by Krush Technology LLC. This application is very addictive, we must tell you that! It is a video chat platform that is based on new technology. The application itself pairs the users with the highest quality of video chat and works on the latest emotion analytics technology for the pairing procedure. Well, that sounds impressive.

The users do not need any other third party to interfere in between. The application is free and it makes it easy for the users to find a partner because they might be present in your Facebook or your contact list. The app allows the users to meet with someone new with whom they can share their feelings and emotions.

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Shamchat is a paid, web-based chatting app where the users can chat in anonymity with random people and strangers. The user did not reveal their true identity. The most highlighted feature of this feature-rich app is that it offers the user 3 different types of chat and they are a clean chat, an adult chat, and 18++ chat. Every time the person clicks start, they are connected with a stranger at random. It also offers users to save a chat.

The user can disconnect from the platform at any time they want. The user can make use of various notification sounds where the user will be alerted if they have notifications. It has a very unique feature where the user can blacklist certain words that if those words are used by the stranger at random, then either that word will be deleted or the stranger will be deleted. The users can set their interests in the settings as well.

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Liveeds is a paid online chatting application designed for people to connect with other people across the globe. The user can use anonymous profiles which makes the application safe and very much secure. The platform boasts of having millions of users from across the world.

The prominent and most highlighted feature of this platform is that it offers the user to use many filter options that help the users filter out their best shot based on various factors such as likes, dislikes, interest, geographical locations, in short help users to find like-minded and similar people. The app connects people to another opposite gender effectively and efficiently. This app doesn’t impose any limitations on the user. The user can share their images, videos, and locations with their chat partner.

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EzcapeChat is an online chat platform specifically designed to connect people with random strangers. It is a video chat app and is easily accessible all around the world. The user can be a part of other chat rooms and make their own personal chat rooms without any limitation. The app is 100 percent free and offers one on one as well as group chat systems to its users.

The subscribers can send, receive text messages, share images and videos and locations as well. One of the best features of this platform is that the user and their chat partner or partners can stream and watch movies and videos together! This helps their connection grow stronger. Wow! A great idea indeed!

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Emerald Chat

Next in line is another application that has a freemium basis and is specifically designed to let people meet, connect and communicate from around the world. Emerald Chat offers the core and highlighted features of comprehensive and advanced chatting platforms for a more enjoyable and interesting chatting experience. The app has a safe and secure interface that allows people to come together and meet similar-minded people.

The app does need registration by the user in which the user has to fill in his details like name and email and after doing that, they can start chatting with random people and strangers from around the globe. It also has an anonymous feature in case the user is not comfortable with revealing their identities.

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Wowchat is a free mobile app that allows its users to meet, connect, communicate and share moments with people online. It provides a safe and secure passage for doing all the above-mentioned things.

The app offers the users to take advantage of their filter-based mechanisms for finding different and like-minded people from around the world.
The user-friendly interface of this app allows the user to send texts, images, videos, stickers, geographical locations, voice notes, video chat without any imitations.

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Chatroulette is a free web-based chatting application specifically designed for video chat conversations. The user needs to begin the chat on the site and can leave any chat room by connecting to the other chat room at any given point of time.

This app makes the world small and the users can connect with each other from faraway places in the comfort of their homes. Now you need not go to other places to meet new people and to socialize.

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Bazoocam is a free online chat platform that is specifically designed for people to chat with strangers. It quickly connects the user with many strangers to have a great and easy-flowing chatting experience. The app requires no previous connection and the user interface is easy to use and understand.

The user just has to hit the start button and instantly connect and communicate with strangers around the globe in the comfort of their homes!

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CMB Free Dating App

CMB stands for Coffee Meets Bagel. Interesting name, isn’t it? It is a free app designed specifically for those who want to spend time and date high-quality and genuine matches of the lot! This app connects millions and millions of people with each other over the internet.

The most highlighted feature of this app that makes it special and stands out from the lot is that every day at noon, the user will be alerted with potential matches selected by the algorithm itself so that the user need not waste their precious time swiping all day! Impressive, isn’t it? This makes it one of the leading dating apps on the internet.

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FireChat was created and published by Open Garden. It is available for android and iOS platforms and is absolutely free. The main feature of this application is that the user need not have an active internet connection for using this application as it can work in offline mode as well anywhere and at any given point of time. The app helps create public and private connections with people from around the globe.

The app allows you to connect with people from different locations without any limits and this shows how steady and powerful it is. When the user has an active cellular connection, the app helps the user reach a wider range of people.

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Meetzur is an online communication app that allows users to connect with different people at random and strangers every day. It offers all the core features like most of the online chatting websites send applications. The user can send text, images, video, post comments, and add friends! The interface is very user-friendly and straightforward.

All the user needs to do is create an account on the Meetzur app or log in with their Facebook account directly with the app. The interface and algorithm use user’s likes, dislikes, interests, and behaviors to help connect them with like-minded people.

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People can connect with their loved ones, friends, family, relatives as well as random people on the internet. This has been made easy by several applications that allow people to meet new people, have a conversation, and become friends. One such application is LuckyCrush.

LuckyCrush is a free, online chat application. This application has over 2 million subscribers or users around the globe. How does this work? It works in a very interesting way. This app connects people randomly! Random boys can connect with random girls and vice versa.

The main feature of this application is that if you are not happy or you don’t like the connection that the application has shown you, then you can simply hit the ‘Next’ button to explore other strangers and potential connections.

This application processes a well-built algorithm that allows you to connect with people of the opposite gender only. Many times during making a connection online, language serves as a great barrier between two people. Now you need not worry about that because this application takes care of this problem in a very creative and unique way. The app offers a feature that translates the incoming message for you in your own language and outgoing messages in the language of your partner. Say bye-bye to your language-related issues!

Among many other features, this application offers to its users to send and receive messages without any limit, share images and location up to any limit, and include a user-friendly and quick interface.

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Role chat, as the name suggests is an application where the users need not use their real identities, instead can use fake name and role names for interacting with strangers on the platform from across the world in the comfort of their homes. Now you need not go out of your homes to socialize! It is a paid app and widely used platform from millions of users on the internet. The user can add up to hundred characters for making their description in the settings and use that to connect with random people.

The most prominent feature of this feature is that the user can avoid meeting and chatting with the same person again and again. This feature is known as the popular match cooldown feature.

The main rule is to keep the chat elegant and clean. The users can share and save conversation history which they can view later. The users can blacklist certain words and can add tags in the settings section. It has a pretty simple to use and understand, user-friendly interface that makes the chatting experience all the more interesting and exciting for the users!

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Chatmeet is an online application that allows users to find new people, make friends and relations and enjoy with them. The app allows the users to make a video chat with their friends and loved ones if they have a webcam. Don’t be worried, even if one doesn’t have a webcam, they can easily chat through text and other modes offered by the application.

The best thing and feature of Chatmeet is that it is easily compatible with various other platforms, like the users of Chatmeet can also chat with the subscribers of Omegle and other similar applications. This prominent feature of ChatMeet makes it a leading and special application in the world of online chatting across the world.

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Flingter is a web-based application that allows users to meet and chat with new people or strangers on the internet. The users can share their emotions, feelings, and thoughts with someone that they do not know and try to make a connection with them. The platform is absolutely free and has millions and millions of users on board.

The users can meet strangers in real-time through its highlighted video chat feature. It is easy to use and all a user needs to do is open the app, switch on their webcams and start chatting! The application allows the users to receive and send unlimited text messages, images, videos, locations and can also use their prominent random chat feature! So much in one app, now that’s impressive!

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Pikii is a free web-based application specifically developed for people who are looking for serious relationships and marriage. It is one of the best online dating and chat apps in the market. This app allows the users to find their perfect match easily and without any limitation. The user needs to switch on the notifications to get all the alerts or when there is something new about a potential match, the app will alert you.

The app is pretty simple to use and comes with a user-friendly interface that allows the user to post and share their profile and photos. The platform offers the users to do a group chat with their friends who can edit their photos etc. all a user needs to do is share their best shot and grab their best shot! Update your profile and email and you are good to go.

The user can share their profile with their friends and family on Facebook and make it as elegant as possible.

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RANDOM CHAT is a free, online chatting application that allows users to chat with anonymity. The user need not reveal their true identity while being chatted. The platform is absolutely free and requires no registration by the user. But the user must be above 18 years of age to be a part of this platform.

There are several safety tips that the app advises the users to follow such as not to reveal their identity, their contact number, and other crucial and personal information which the other person might use against them. The users can change the language of the chat according to their own personal needs and choices.

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