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42 Best FMovies Alternatives | Stream Your Favourite Movies & TV Series

In this article, you will know about the top best alternative to the FMovies website.

FMovies is yet another fun and engaging movie streaming site that movie fans will enjoy. It also lets you download the content listed on it and that too with no costs involved.

FMovies provides its content in the superior HD format for a better viewing experience. Also, the site has a clean and decluttered interface. There are no annoying ads to spoil your movie fun.

FMovies also provides good subtitles for most of its content. This can help audiences from any part of the world enjoy its entertaining content.

Please note here that this site does not host movies itself. It rather redirects you to an appropriate movie link hosted by some other third-party website.

If you are looking for some other alternative options to stream your favourite movies and TV series, then here we’ve 42 amazing FMovies Alternatives.

FMovies Alternatives has a vast collection of top-grade movies in its database. You are free to either watch them online or download them to your personal device for offline viewing. places no restrictions or limits on the number of movies at all.

Its massive database features content from all popular genres including war, fantasy, action and adventure. This site is not only restricted to Hollywood content. It has ample content from Bollywood and German cinema too. Movie lovers of all tastes will find something to their liking here.

You can explore its vast database by different genres. Alternatively, you can also find a specific movie through its advanced search facility.

The site has a nice request option as well. You can just fill in the details of the movie that you are looking for, and their administration will take great pains to make that movie available on their plate as quickly as possible.

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HugeMoviesdb has one of the largest listings of movies available on its platform. The site, like many others on this list, does not host movies on servers itself. Rather it provides active and healthy links to movies listed on other sites on the internet. This helps it in providing an enormous set of movie titles to choose from.

HugeMoviesdb is also special in that it only provides full-length movies on its platform. No short video clips or snippets on this site. It provides serious movie lovers with complete viewing pleasure.

What’s more, HugeMoviesdb also lets users download movies to their personal devices. This can help them save precious data and enjoy movies anytime through offline mode.

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Do not confuse Putlocker9 with the Putlocker site! It is a new website with an amazing collection of movies that it streams from multiple sources including the original Putlocker site and also many other movie websites.

The user interface is simple to navigate. The movies are in top-quality HD format making for endless hours of superior viewing pleasure. And the site is free of cost to use.

You can also get a lot of detailed information about the movies on this site. Every movie listed on this site features information such as cast, plot, genre, date of release and duration with it. Putlocker9 even allows you to download movies for viewing later.

You also have the option to drop in your opinion on a movie once you have watched it. This makes it easier for other users to make better movie choices.

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SolarMovie does not host movies on its servers. It rather provides an extensive list of spilling and downloading links curated from a large range of best movie streaming websites from around the internet.

It has a nice hunt bar. You can just drop in the movie’s name that you want to watch, and SolarMovie will quickly show you the top links to stream/download that movie.

The site has multiple sections including new movies, famous movies, top-rated movies, HD movies, recent movies and soon to be released movies.

The site also lets viewers voice their opinions about the different movies which help users make better movie choices.

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CMoviesHD is a vast database of all the top movie streaming websites on the internet. You can watch your favourite movies and TV series on any of these sites by clicking the link on CMoviesHD itself. The platform is free to use.

CMoviesHD has one of the largest collections of movies you could find on the internet as it lists movies from all top sites in one place. It has an extensive browsing functionality that lets you explore its vast database by movies, top-rated movies, top-rated movies as per IMDB, genre, country of production, date of release and by alphabetical ordering.

CMoviesHD is a completely safe site, taking care to list only verified legal links on its portal.

Just one note of caution, CMoviesHD also features adult and 18 plus content. So, you need to be careful in case you are accessing the site with kids or family.

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Megashare9 is a wonderful site for streaming movies and TV shows of all genres, especially geared for the Hollywood lovers amongst us.

The site makes it clear that it does not host its videos. It actually hosts the links to other movie sites on the internet nicely in one place to provide better choices to users. Hence, it can provide one of the largest collections of movies and TV shows for viewers to choose from.

The site is free to access and you do not need any registration to get started. It has videos in almost all the popular genres including action, horror, comedy, sci-fi, documentary and adventure.

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HDMoviesPoint has a large collection of movies in multiple genres including action, comedy, fantasy, drama and horror. This site lets you both stream movies online, and also download them for offline viewing. The site provides its movies in high-quality HD format but lets you download them in multiple formats in case you want to save on your data usage.

You need to sign up and make an account before you can download the movies on HDMoviesPoint. Streaming, though, does not require any sign-up.

HDMoviesPoint scores some extra brownie points for providing deep and detailed reviews of all the movies listed on it. Also, information about other features of a movie is nicely available. This way, viewers can make better choices to select movies as per their tastes and likings.

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LosMovies is a wonderful site for streaming top movies from all over the internet. It features movies from multiple genres including dramas, sci-fi, action, adventure and many more.

This site is completely free to use. Moreover, you do not need to go through any registration to access its contents. It has movies in many languages in its database to enable viewers from all countries to enjoy unlimited movie fun.

There is also a request feature on this site. You can raise a request for your desired movie, and the folks at LosMovies will do their best to curate the movie and make it available on their portal as soon as possible for them.

LosMovies is also an excellent option for streaming TV series. It has full episodes of complete series for those of us who like to binge-watch our favourite shows.

Learn More is a wonderful site for movie lovers with its extensive collection of movies to stream in all popular genres. The site has a beautiful interface and lovely theme which takes viewing pleasure up by a notch.

The site lets you download movies, but only after you sign-up and become a member. The site also has a powerful search tool to let you find exactly what you are looking for.

The site provides movies in high-quality video formats to make for better viewing. Its bundled media player also provides many options to tweak the playback just as you like. You can adjust the speeds, volumes and also enable subtitles. features some ads on its portal, so that may be a bit of an inconvenience.

Learn More is an amazing movie streaming site that features content from all the major genres including action, fantasy, adventure, romance, comedy and many more. The site offers full-length content and is especially useful for those viewers who want to go for long-form videos, mostly.

You can also sign up with a verified email address and they will fill your feed with new updates. The site is free to use and provides content in high-quality video format.

There is a powerful search box to help find better movies. You can also browse its collection sorted out by categories such as year of release. The site also lets you place a request for your favourite movie and it will make it available for you to watch.

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123MoviesFree is an awesome site for you to get access to your favourite movies and TV shows free of cost. The site has top-rated movies available in all popular genres including action, fantasy, romance and many others.

The interface of the site is smooth to help you navigate easily. The site does not host its movies on its servers. It lets you link to content from an extensive list of third-party movie and TV show hosting sites from all over the web.

123MoviesFree does not restrict itself only to mainstream Hollywood content. It is a perfect heaven for world movie lovers with content curated from all over the globe including French and Spanish cinema. The site also provides a good range of Asian movies for those of us who prefer that.

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Tinklepad is a little different from the other websites on this list. This site is basically a search engine for discovering links to all the top movies on the web for smooth streaming.

It has an extensive database of links to top-rated high-quality movie content from all over the internet. You can find everything from the latest movies to the vintage classic movies on this site.

Tinklepad has a very impressive user interface. Navigating on the site is a breeze and the user experience is top-notch.

Tinklepad uses a search functionality similar to that of Google search. It is very effective in coming up with accurate and relevant matches for your search queries.

There is also a section that lets you explore its listings sorted out by multiple categories including movies, TV shows, latest releases, popular genres and year of release.

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Movie2k has an extensive collection of top-rated full-length movies that it provides in high-quality video formats. The site has a healthy balance of new and old classic titles.

It is a site that is feature-rich and has many tools to make your movie viewing experience even better. The site places no limit whatsoever on the number of movies you can watch on it. Also, no annoying ads are disrupting your movie fun.

You can find the movies of your choice easily on Movie2k. Just explore their huge collection sorted out by categories, genres, year of release, country of production or simply type in your specific query in their search facility.

Movie2k provides a very good request facility. If you want any movie that is not currently available on their site, just place a request in the form provided for the same. And in all likelihood, they will make the movie available soon.

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PandaMovie has a huge collection of movies and TV shows to cater to the viewing needs of audiences of all tastes and choices. This site is particularly suitable for those of us who love to watch TV series more. It has an impressive collection of TV series and shows for this type of viewers.

PandaMovie also lets you download any number of videos locally. This helps you enjoy seamless movies even when you do not have access to a high-speed network.

You can search for a particular movie through its robust search facility. Or you can also explore its collection through various categories.

A slight downside to PandaMovie is that it features several ads on its platform.

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MovieZoot is one of the best internet movie streaming sites. It has an enormous collection of movies covering all genres like adventure, action, romance, horror and comedy.

MovieZoot lets viewers stream content not only on their PCs and Macs but also supports all mobile devices including tablets. Another cool thing about this site is that no annoying ads are messing around with your movie fun. The site does an excellent job at keeping such a nuisance out.

MovieZoot prides itself on only providing full-length, unedited and uncut movies on its platform. It is really a boon for hard-core movie aficionados who want only the best for watching movies.

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YesMovies is a great option for viewers of all tastes and choices to watch high-quality video content for free. This site hosts a large collection of movies and TV series in many genres including adventure, action, comedy and a lot many more.

YesMovies does not host movies on its own platform. It connects you to the links on its website that lead to many non-affiliated movie hosting sites. You can have endless movie mania nights hooked to this site.

YesMovies is very good for TV series lovers. It also has a nice collection of documentaries for viewers to enjoy some real-life content.

YesMovies not only caters to the Hollywood fans among us but has a substantial amount of world cinema content as well. You can have access to Asian, French and Indian movies on this site.

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PrimeWire is an amazing site for all the movie buffs out there. This site lists movies from all the major movie hosting sites from all over the web. Just browse through its extensive selection and you will find movies of your choice.

There is a cool voting feature on this site. Once you sign up and become a member, you can vote and drop useful comments on all movie titles. This helps the community assess movies and make better viewing choices.

The site also has a Scheduling section that lists all the upcoming movies. This way you can plan your viewing schedule beforehand.

The site has a very good recommendation system that suggests suitable movies based on your viewing history. The site is completely free to access. It has an intuitive interface which makes for a smooth user experience.

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MoviesPlanet is an excellent site for movie lovers to stream their favourite movies from. Unlike many other sites, MoviesPlanet does not host its movies. Rather, it provides active and working links to your favourite movies hosted by many third-party websites.

This site is easy to navigate with its smooth user interface. You can find the content of your choice through either its advanced search facility. Or you could also explore its content sorted out by category.

The site features amazing movies in almost all genres including action, adventure, fantasy and romance. The site is special in that it also lists an impressive collection of 3D content. It also has movies in some niche genres like biographies and animations.

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F5Movies is another awesome site for movie lovers to spend countless hours on. This site does not host movies by itself. But it provides an extensive list of active links from other top-rated movie rating sites such as DailyMotion, YouTube and Putlocker.

The site warns its viewers that it claims no responsibility for the content and links on its platform. However, it does try its best to ensure that it only puts up legal links.

The site has a very useful request facility. Just raise a request for a movie that you would like to watch, and F5Movies will make it available on its platform pretty soon.

F5Movies is absolutely free to access. You can also download movies through this site for offline viewing.

Another cool thing with F5Movies is that it provides good subtitles for many of its movies. This can help viewers of different regions get past any language barriers in watching their favourite movies.

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Putlocker is one of the most popular sites in the movie streaming space. Thousands of viewers love it all over the globe.

The site streams its movies in high-quality video formats for a better viewing experience. Its vast collection of titles spans genres such as action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, horror and many more.

The site provides an impressive bouquet of features including a robust recommendation system that suggests movies based on your preferences and viewing history.

It has an advanced search feature also that lets you search for the movie of your choice by name or by tag. There is no cumbersome login required to access the site. It lets you watch at different steaming rates to help you manage your data consumption as per your preference.

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Vidics is one of the most reputable names for streaming high-quality video content for free. This site has a great collection of amazing movies and TV series that you can search by genre or name.

Vidics goes beyond being a simple movie streaming site. The site also has a nice amount of information related to movies and the world of showbiz. You can get the latest updates about your favourite movie stars through Vidics.

One thing to be careful about Vidics is that you need to have Flash Player or DivX Player installed on your system. Only then can you access its rich and high-quality content.

There is a minor issue you might sometimes face with Vidics. You might get slow buffering and long loading times on Vidics either due to network issues or because of its premium-quality video formats.

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GOMovies is power-packed with amazing movies that you can watch for free. It is a great site that lets you stream and download all your favourite top-rated movies. GOMovies places absolutely no limits on the number of movies you can access on its portal.

GOMovies also keeps itself updated with all the latest releases. This way viewers can get access to the trending and newest movies without breaking the bank.

However, we warn you that the new releases on the platform can suffer from issues of poor quality. If you are okay with that, then GOMovies will provide you with endless hours of the latest content.

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Megashare is a feature-rich movie streaming website that is suitable for all kinds of viewers. The site provides unlimited streaming and downloading of your favourite movies in HD format. It has a beautiful user interface that makes it very easy to glide around the site.

Megashare lets you place personalised movie requests. They will do their best then to search for the movie and make it available on their website as early as possible,

Megashare has multi-lingual support that makes it perfect for viewers from all corners of the globe.

It lets you sort through its wide collection of movies by many categories such as name, year, genre and many more. The site also provides nice brief descriptions of the movies it hosts. This lets you select just the movie that you want.

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MovieWatcher is a lovely site for movie lovers to stream an unlimited number of movies. Moreover, it also lets its users download any number of movies to their local devices. And the best part is that it provides all of these awesome facilities free of cost.

MovieWatcher curates some of the best movie content from across the intent. You will find some of the best and high-quality movies available for streaming on this site.

MovieWatcher does not host movies on owned servers. Rather it acts as a centralised curator of the best movie streaming links from all over the web.

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Rainierland Movies

Rainierland Movies is one of the best options for movie lovers to watch HD movies and TV shows on the internet. The site provides a seamless ad-free viewing experience of all the top-notch best movies in multiple genres including action, drama, romance, comedy, thriller and lots more.

The site has a fluid interface for easy navigability. The site lets users browse through its collection by various categories such as newly added movies, most viewed movies and by genre.

The striking feature of Rainierland Movies is that it provides a Top IMDB section. You can here select your favourite movies based on the IMDB ratings and rankings. Movie lovers would simply love Rainierland Movies for their movie streaming needs.

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Niter is another good option for movie lovers to get access to movies for free. It does not have a very large collection. Even so, it does a decent job at providing good movies for viewers.

Niter also lets users upload and store their video content on its servers. This is subject to any copyright or legal violations that the content may be guilty of. In such cases, Niter will pull down your content from its website.

Niter has a cool and crisp user interface. This makes it fun to access and explore the site.

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Putlocker9 Online

This site hosts a massive collection of top-notch movies in HD content format to provide you endless hours of movie watching joy.

The site places no limitations on the number of movies that you can watch on it. It also does a great job at updating its database with new and trending content.

It organises its content nicely into multiple categories like Action, Horror, Love Story and Fighting. Each category is brimming with the best and latest movie titles.

The site has a nice search box that lets you find the content of your choice by entering the relevant name, tag or category. The site has a smooth interface that gives a nice user experience. The movies are streamed at fast speeds that make for lag-free viewing fun.

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FMoviesFree is a great resource for movie lovers to watch full-length top-grade movies. The site has a lot of amazing video content, including some very good documentaries. FMoviesFree also has a great stock of the latest and newly released movies.

The site does not itself host the movies, but only points to the links of the movies on various sites on the internet. Getting started on FMoviesFree is a breeze. There are no complicated sign-ups involved.

The site makes sure it causes you no privacy concerns. To this end, it does not ask you for any personal information. Neither do they ask you to upload any credit card details to access their site.

It is a nice option for movie fanatics to indulge in their passion easily.

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WatchFree is one of the most comprehensive sites for movie lovers to enjoy all things showbiz. They have a large collection of full-length HD movies and TV shows. They curate their movies from all genres including war, sci-fi and superhero among others.

They have separate tabs for various categories for easy discoverability. You can explore their Hot Movies, Latest Movies and Top IMDB Movies categories to get precisely what you desire.

You can also make a customised request for a particular movie that is currently unavailable. They have a robust recommendation system to fill your feed with appropriate suggestions.

The site has a very cool dark interface which makes it the perfect cinematic experience for die-hard movie fans.

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WolowTube boasts of a massive collection of HD movies and TV series with more than 30,000 titles in its repertoire. It also adds new releases regularly to its already bursting database.

The content is spread over all popular genres like action, adventure, romance and comedy. You can easily find a specific movie or TV show by simply inputting its name in their search bar.

You need to trouble yourself with needless sign-ups or logins to access this site. They have a section with the trending movies to help easily make suitable picks. You can also search their huge database by actor name or years.

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MovieFlixter has a large collection of top-rated movies for viewers to stream and enjoy. There are no complicated registration processes involved to access MovieFlixter. Simply point your browser to their URL and start enjoying movie magic and that too free.

MovieFlixter does not host its movies but provides links curated from all the major movie streaming sites on the web. The site is quality conscious and prides itself on providing mostly HD content links.

The user interface of the site is very easy to get up to speed with. Their database is quite impressive with wonderful titles under every genre.

There are two ways by which you can find movies of your choice on MovieFlixter. You could either use their robust search bar by typing in the name of the movie that you wish to watch. Otherwise, you can also explore their vast collection through various categories such as top movies, trending movies, newly released flicks and much more.

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123Movies HDO

123Movies HDO is an enormous site for movie fans with over 60,000 movie titles on its roster. It is totally free to access. Even more, you can watch the majority of its top-rated movies and TV shows with English subtitles to get past any language barriers.

It hosts amazing movies from all genres. Their extensive collection is nicely sorted out into sections such as Genre, Country, Movies, Top IMDB and Top TV Shows to help you easily find the movie or TV series of your choice.
They also provide a robust search facility to help you find a particular movie or series.

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HouseMovie is a wonderful site that provides references to your favourite movies and TV shows based on your search query.

This site has a collection of over 4000 titles of various genres to cater to all tastes and likes. You can stream their content, or you can also choose to download it.

This site has a very good recommendation capability built into it. When you search for a movie or TV show, it immediately pops up a list of references to that movie on the web. Additionally, it also throws in some suitable recommendations along with a brief description of the searched movie.

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Movie4k has a large collection of over 50,000 movies and TV shows that you can watch for free with no limitations at all. It has a stunning user interface that keeps the users engaged and happy.

This site provides fast streaming speeds for seamless spike-less viewing joy. They also let you watch top-notch movies and shows in multiple languages to cater to a wide range of audiences.

You can find your favourite movie through their robust search functionality. Alternatively, you can also browse through their extensive catalogue by categories, years, actors and countries.

You do not need any painful logins to reach their content. They also daily update their site with fresh additions. You can access their content in different video qualities to suit your device and data preferences.

They have a very good request feature. If you need a movie or show that is not listed on their platform, simply place a request. And in all probability, they will make it available.

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Viooz is a superb option for those viewers who want to enjoy high-quality movies and TV shows from a range of genres like action, history, family, adventure and many more.

Viooz provides great resolution and sound in its content for a better experience. It organises its TV shows by both Season and Episode to cater to users’ individual preferences.

You can find the movie of your choice through their advanced search feature or by exploring one of their genres.
The site is completely free to use and requires no registration from you. It regularly updates its collection with new content. You should definitely check it out.

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All of us love watching our favourite movies and TV shows. Watching movies online from the comfort of our home can be one of the best ways to relax after a hectic day at work.

If you are looking for a website to watch your favourite movies in HD quality, then SeeHD is the best option for you. The site lets you stream movies absolutely free of cost. And the site is very careful to only list legal links from reputed movie streaming and sharing sites from around the web.

SeeHD boasts of an extensive collection of movies that caters to the tastes of a wide range of audience. Even more, you can download movies for offline viewing. This helps you make precious savings on your data costs.

SeeHD has a smooth user interface which makes it easy for you to go around the site. It also has a very good search bar in which you can search for your favourite movie by entering the name.

SeeHD takes great care to ensure it does not post any illegal links on the site. Also, it regularly checks the site for any illegal links and removes them immediately if it spots any. Nonetheless, the site warns its users that they would be responsible in case they stream content through an illegal link.

There is just one minor glitch with SeeHD. There are some annoying ads always hanging at the top of your screen as you watch the movies. Another thing is that the site is a bit limited in terms of viewing options. Only three categories are listed on the site, Movies, TV shows and Release Dates.

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iOnline Movies

iOnline Movies is a great option to watch movies on the internet without paying any charges. The website hosts an extensive range of high-quality Tv shows and movies ranging from the old classics to the latest trending titles.

iOnline Movies adopts a hybrid approach with some of its content self-hosted on its servers. For the rest of its content, it points the viewers to good active links on third-party websites.

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Watch5S is a fantastic website to stream your favourite movies and TV shows. This site goes beyond streaming, and bundles in some cool extra features.

Most of its videos are in high-quality video format which makes for better pleasure while viewing. It has a big entertainment news section which is packed with the latest titbits and developments from the world of show-biz. It features news about movies, actors, upcoming releases, launches and a whole lot more.

Another wonderful add-on that this site brings you is its inbuilt IMDB rating system. This makes it easier for viewers to assess which movies would be to their taste and hence make better choices.

The site has a robust explore mechanism that lets you find your favourite videos by country, release year, ratings and other factors. It also has a good search bar for you to find exact matches.

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OnlineMoviesCinema is an amazing website for those viewers who are looking for high-quality Hollywood content. You can watch all top-graded full-length movies for free here. And they place no limitations on the number of movies that you can watch.

There is no cumbersome registration process involved to access this site. They have a simple and minimalist interface for easy browsing. Also, they are constantly updating their database with more exciting additions.

This site does not host its movies. It provides active and legal links to other sites with the movie content.

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123Movies is one of the most popular sites for streaming high-quality video content from the web. It has an intuitive interface and suggests suitable recent, trending and most-loved movie titles.

It provides amazing content with multiple bit rate support to help people access it from any device and with any data consumption preferences. It organises its massive database of content by genres such as horror, romance, comedy and action to make it easy to discover the right content.

This site has one of the largest collections of movies, and it keeps on adding more new titles to it regularly.

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XMovies8 is an amazing site for people to stream movies and enjoy unlimited hours of viewing delight. This site does not host its movies but acts as an extensive repository of best movies links from all over the web.

XMovies8 prides itself on providing a wide range of top-rated movies and TV shows. The site is also particular to always update itself with the latest releases from the movie world.

The site provides all this amazing value for no cost at all. The site is careful enough to only provide legal links on it.

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Movie4u is a great option for people who want to stream unlimited movie content at good speeds from the internet. The site features all the top movies and TV shows in high-quality video formats and all this for no cost at all.

One of the best things about Movie4u is that the site is free of annoying ads. No pop-ups or banners dropping in the middle of your viewing fun to cause unnecessary irritation. The site is also very secure and does a great job of keeping spammers and hackers out.

Most of the titles on this site also have a nice brief description and feature list to help you sort and search the movies better. You will need to register and make an account in case you are interested in downloading their content for offline viewing.

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We hope this exhaustive list of movie streaming sites helps you find the exact movie that you are in the mood to watch. Explore some of these sites and keep the movie mania going!

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